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Instametall – Your partner for CNC turned & milled parts

We at Instametall manufacture CNC turned and milled parts of the highest quality with the help of our specialist employees and our modern equipment.

We use our superior know-how and our years of experience to meet your specific customer requirements, covering the full range from single parts to series production to the assembly of complete units.

Our extensive machinery offers a wide range of possibilities and gives us superior flexibility to fulfil your wish for the highest quality and the best price/performance ratio.

Our location in Istanbul allows our customers to benefit from the lowest production costs in Europe. In addition, our deliveries are free of customs duties and transport costs.

Our standard delivery time is usually six weeks. We also offer an express service where we will deliver your components within two to three weeks after receiving your order.

Our variety, our flexibility and our extraordinary capacity allow us to fulfil even customer requests which have significant manufacturing depth at short notice.

We have several hundred CNC-controlled machines on which we process a very wide range of materials,  such as steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass, bronze, copper and plastic,
as well as a wide range of raw materials, such as bar stock, forged parts, cast parts
and semi-finished components for finishing.

Our many years of experience in CNC machining and the tool sector are reflected today
in our range of parts.

In terms of general mechanical engineering, we produce machine components for machine tools, industrial washing systems, food packaging systems and many other applications.

Our first-class staff and our diverse machinery will enable us to open up new markets in the future and to meet all new customer requirements.

We would also be very happy to serve you.

Volker Bohn
Sales Manager Europe

Tel.: +49 151 149 065 28